Why I Wrote 2 Children's Books About Oxygen Use!

A baby sitting in high chair with toys. Oxygen tube and Nasogastric feeding tube taped to his face.

I always love understanding the reason behind something. Like when you discover why a favourite song was written, what those lyrics mean to the creator and what inspired them to write it. Or why an author you love chose to write that particular book.

I've written two books about oxygen babies. The first book I ever wrote, "A Tale About My Brother's Tail", was inspired by my son, Nathanael. While waiting for the illustrations on this book to be completed, I wrote a second book in more of a keepsake style for parents. My Oxygen Baby is for parents going through the journey. To give them hope that they are not alone. Being a medical parent can often feel very isolating and is very challenging.

Nathanael started oxygen when he was 3 months old. He was diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. As Nathanael grew older, he attended playgroup and enjoyed playing at playgrounds, many children would ask what was wrong with him. These children could see the tube held on his face with tape, and this was unusual to them. These children were asking out of curiosity. Often, if a parent wasn't sure, they would say this and direct their child away. Some parents would openly engage in conversation with me and ask.

If a child asked me directly, I also explained to them the best I could in an age-appropriate way. I longed for these children to understand why Nathanael was wearing tubes.

I've always believed that books can bring a wealth of knowledge and learning to children. This is where my idea came about to write a book about Nathanael! This would help educate other children as well as provide a keepsake for other families with oxygen babies.

Baby sitting on the grass with oxygen tube and nasogastric tube taped to his face. Tubing running across the grass.

One morning, we were at a park, and I had a conversation with a child who was about 4 years old, and he asked what was wrong with him. That afternoon, while Nathanael napped, I wrote my first draft of the book!

I had no idea what I was doing and how to publish a book! I stumbled upon a course by an inspiring self-published author, Laura, from Little Ivory Haus. This was such a blessing!

I found an editor, an illustrator, created a business and the rest just fell into place!

In December 2023, Nathanael was given the all clear to come off oxygen! It was a very challenging year, but I am so grateful we could get Nathanael the help he needed! He still has some issues with obstructions that will see him have surgery in early 2024.

Toddler sitting in front of oxygen tanks smiling.

I am so excited to launch these two books about oxygen use early in 2024!


Swaddled baby with oxygen tubes taped to their face. Book title My Oxygen BabyCartoon boy with blonde hair and oxygen tubes on his face.


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