Lisa McArthur-Collins

My name is Lisa McArthur-Collins.

I am married with two beautiful children.

I have always loved reading; it is my escape from reality!

Before starting Maternity leave to have my son, I worked in Early Childhood Education. I enjoyed reading stories to the children and dreamed of one day writing my own book.

My son has been on oxygen since he was three months old. This is where my idea for my first book started. I wanted to bring awareness and educate others about why he wears oxygen tubes. And what better way to bring awareness than through a children's book!

I started Little Wings Publishing in 2023 as way to help market my children's books. In 2024 I added my first additional author to Little Wings. My Dad! I was honoured to share this journey with him and help market his first book.

Your support means a lot to my small business.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and connect with me!