Bringing Hope & Awareness Through Our Books & Plushies

Little Wings Publishing exists to bring hope & awareness by educating others through the pages of our books. We create books that are fun, thought-provoking and engaging, which helps our readers learn more about the world around them. We are beyond excited provide a range of plushies and accessories to create your very own ESSA!

Brave The ESSA

Emotional Support Stuffed Animals can help children feel calm and safe. Have you ever seen a child carrying their favourite teddy around? Maybe when they cry they seek comfort from their favourite teddy?

For some children with autism, human physical touch doesn't bring them comfort. But they still seek the same thing. To feel safe and calm. For some children this is through their ESSA.

Find out more in Brave The ESSA!

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Oxygen Baby Books

"The oximeter beeps all through the night, the doctor said you need some help, so you can learn to breathe just right."

Having a baby with medical complications can be a very isolating experience. My books are written to bring awareness to why a baby might be wearing oxygen-tubes, but also to help the families of medical babies feel seen and understood.

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Fill your children's bookshelf with books that teach empathy and acceptance.

Start reading books with your children that teach them to be compassionate and understanding.