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Brave The ESSA (Paperback) - A Story About An Emotional Support Stuffed Animal

Brave The ESSA (Paperback) - A Story About An Emotional Support Stuffed Animal

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Brave The ESSA is a heart-warming tale of acceptance and understanding.
Sophie – a neurodivergent child – and her fluffy companion, Brave, take on life's challenges together. 
This book celebrates the beauty of neurodiversity and highlights the unique bonds that children form with their furry friends.

This book brings awareness to using emotional support stuffed animals (ESSAs).
A children's book to help autistic and anxious children feel seen and more understood.

Join Sophie in this story as she explains what it feels like when she is anxious and how Brave helps her through life. 

"I’m autistic, which means my brain works a bit differently.
There are some things that I struggle with:
Like social situations, talking to people and understanding what they say to me."

Also available in Hardcover.
Premium Colour
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 30
Cover Finish: Gloss
ISBN: 978-0-6486471-5-7

Proudly printed in Australia!
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Margi Smith

We love the book and our braves they will go
On many adventures with us