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Hello, Sweet Baby! (Paperback) - Pregnancy Book

Hello, Sweet Baby! (Paperback) - Pregnancy Book

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"The day is getting closer. Soon, I’ll get to hold you in my arms."

Experience the joy of connecting with your baby before birth with 'Hello, Sweet Baby!' This captivating picture book features minimalist, vibrant, and colourful illustrations accompanying a heartfelt poem about pregnancy. Designed to be read aloud to your unborn child, this unique book fosters an intimate bond between mother and baby. With its expressive prose, immerse yourself in the beautiful journey of anticipation and love. Grab your copy today and begin the heartwarming ritual of reading to your baby in the womb!

Premium Colour
Size: 5.830" x 8.270" (210mm x 148mm) A5
Page Count: 30
Cover Finish: Matte
ISBN: 978-0-6486066-0-4

Proudly printed in Australia!

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Customer Reviews

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Breathe Life
Beautiful book for expecting mothers!

Although I got this book quite late in my pregnancy I have loved reading it to my baby as they grow inside me. It’s a beautiful book that captures pregnancy in a positive light & focuses on the beauty of growing your own little one. The illustrations are beautiful & I love that it is a simple read that leaves you feeling positive about this journey.
l will be recommending to any of my friends who become pregnant!